Five online resources for better living

The Future is Now.

We’re all living in a new kind of world, a world that feels more like Star Trek everyday. It can be scary, unfamiliar, daunting, however, it can also add something to your life if you let it. In today’s post, we’ll discuss five online resources that can add a lot to your life as you grow older.

The National Institute on Aging

This is a resource commonly used by insurance companies and customers alike. It’s a great source of information on health and wellness, as well as a good resource for research on the subject. As with any phase of our lives, it matters what we know. Information is power, or in this case information helps you plan your day-to-day in a way that can greatly add to your overall health which is a kind of power if you think about it.

All recipes

This one is a personal favorite.

Cooking better, more healthy foods is the key to aging well. However, not all of us are born with a natural gift for cooking. The feature of the site that’s most helpful are the video tutorials and the comparison reviews for the recipes. This website teaches you better cooking on some level, and I love it.

There’s an app for exercise?

There is, and JeFit has video tutorials and planning guides to help a beginner get motivated. Let’s face it, most of us lead sedentary lives due to health or habit. Heading straight from the office to the rocking chair is very easy to do simply because it’s what we’ve always done. Apps that help us be mindful and use accountability can really make a difference in forming new habits.


Stress doesn’t just automatically stop the day we retire. This app uses games as a way to support mental health. There are in app purchases though, so be sure to be aware of that when you download.

Insight Timer

Meditation is a practice becoming more and more common these days. This app is on my phone, and it really helps with targeted meditations and varying styles so that the user can find the type of meditation they are most comfortable with. It has excellent options for short meditations when you’re in a hurry or living a busy life.

We’re living in truly amazing times, and we’re the generation who’ve watched this world slowly evolve. It’s got some fun stuff in it, even for the skeptics among us. The internet has something for everyone if we look hard enough.

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